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Give Your Timber Deck, Balcony & Home That WOW Factor With Our DIY Wire Balustrade Systems.

Our Balustrades are: 50% Cheaper Than Competitors, Easy To Install, Safe & Visually Attractive


"The stainless steel balustrading from Tru-Balustrade makes such a statement at the front of my house I love it! Everyone who visits comments on how nice and unique it looks. The vertical bars mean I don’t have to worry about my nephew climbing up onto it."

Kelli McKenna, Noosa

"We love how modern our balustrade looks. I don't have to worry so much with the kids on the verandah because I know they can't climb the vertical threads. It's very sturdy so I can tell it will last. I was so pleased and surprised with how affordable this option is. We've had so many compliments because it really does look great! We are so pleased. Thanks guys!"

Amie Kerr

Here’s What Makes Tru-Balustrades Unique

Cost Effective

Whether you’re looking to use our unique balustrade system for your verandah, balcony, deck or other exterior of your home – you can be assured that our balustrades are 50% cheaper than comparable vertical and stainless steel balustrades – WITHOUT compromising quality. Additionally, there is no swagging of wires. You don’t have to drill any holes through posts, there’s no need to call a carpenter for an expensive fitting… it’s a simple DIY installation.


When building on steep blocks in Noosa many times the distance between a deck, balcony or verandah and the ground can be more than just a few meters. That’s why Tru-Balustrade is SAFE! Non climbable vertical balustrades ensures none of the little ones can climb above any fencing. The 80mm gaps between balusters complies with BCA. It is a engineered design that won’t stretch. Horizontal wires commonly stretch whereas our vertical system will not and we guarantee you wont need to retention your wires unlike on horizontal systems.

Simple Installation

Here in Noosa all like a simple lifestyle… right? Well our system is no difference. From the ground up, our balustrade system was designed for simple DIY installation. Tru-Balustrade is supplied in 300mm increments. All you will need to do is cut equal amounts off the top and bottom rails to suit your opening. Our rails come predrilled, with top fittings installed. Simply tread the baluster into the nut and washers and fix the rails via stainless steel angle brackets and you’re done!

Visually Attractive

Ever wanted a superior product at a inferior price? That’s exactly what Tru-Balustrade is all about. You get the same quality, look and feel of more expensive horizontal wire balustrades. With a great see through appearance it’s going to add a great WOW factor to your home. There are no ugly turnbuckles like wire balustrades and flat tops so not only will your balustrade be visually attractive, but also functional as objects will not fall off.

Straight & Raking Balustrades

The Tru-Balustrade system will allow for almost any angle. Therefore it will suit stairs and even sloping ground levels. You will get pencil edged durability grade 1 Merbau top and bottom rails to add that WOW effect to your home. To ensure there is minimum waste you will get your straight panels in 300mm increments.

Engineer Certified

Our balustrades & handrails system is engineered certified and complies with all Australian safety standards.

Designed by a builder who has been building timber homes around Noosa for 25 years!

Rod Soppe the owner of Tru-Built has been constructed timber homes for the past 25 years with over 500 homes to his credit.

Over the years we have seen several problematic issues with traditional balustrades. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Chunky Balusters (Queenslander look),
  • Glass (Very expensive and high maintenance),
  • Site Measured Aluminium (Long leadtimes)
  • Horizontal Stainless Steel Wires (Problematic)
New Solution To These Problems

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