Did You Know Glass Balustrade and Glass Pool Fencing Can Explode?

Glass used for balustrading and pool fencing must be toughened glass. This means when it is broken it shatters like a car windscreen and does not splinter.
The causes for toughened glass to EXPLODE are:

  1. manufacturing defects
  2. slight chips on the edges
  3. wind and incorrect glass thickness
  4. no tolerance for expansion. Yes glass does expand.

Manufacturing defects occur during manufacture. Heat soaking will partially identify a defect (the glass will shatter) but it is not 100% accurate.
Slight chips on the edges can occur during installation and also happen when furniture is blown into the glass or many other situations where the glass could get damaged.
The glass thickness should meet the requirements of the wind load in your area. As Glass balustrade and pool fencing is also a DIY product this requirement is seldom checked.
If the glass is installed into frame such as aluminium top and bottom rails there must tolerance for movement as the glass will expand and if nowhere to expand it will EXPLODE

Glass balustrade and pool fencing can be described as a “Ticking Time Bomb”.

With such a high risk of serious injury or death for a failed balustrade or pool fence why would you take the risk when you can use TRU-BALUSTRADE

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