About Tru Balustrade

Rod Soppe, the owner of Tru-Built has been constructing timber homes for the past 25 years with over 500 homes to his credit.

Traditional balustrades have been timber curved top rail with chunky balusters (Queenslander look), Glass (Very expensive and high maintenance), site measured aluminium (Long leadtimes) or horizontal stainless steel wires(Problematic).
The Building Code of Australia states a balustrade must be non-climbable if the distance from the deck to ground is greater than 4.0m.

There has also been discussion with in the building industry that this height should be reduced to 2.0m.

A fall of 2.0m or 4.0m for a child will have dire consequences.

Horizontal wire balustrades have many flaws such as they act as a ladder and when a child climbs on them the wires stretch. When the wires are retentioned the wire either side of this wire becomes loose and hence the domino effect occurs. We have even seen the veranda posts bend under this pressure.

Often wire balustrades are broken causing a safety risk.

No one was producing  cost effective, Safe, simple to install, visually attractive, engineered certified balustrade system to meet the needs of the home owner.
After many trials and experiments Tru-Balustrade was produced.

To prove the system worked Tru-Built homes have been using this system for approx. 12 months prior to releasing Tru-Balustrade to the general public.

Tru-Balustrade has been well received by Tru-Built’s current clients with past clients wishing it was available when they built.

A patent pending application #2016902853 is currently being proceed for Tru-Balustrade.